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gold tie tackNothing compliments the beauty of a finely made suit and tie like the classic elegance of a tie tack! TieTacks.net is your one-stop shop for tie tacks, tie clips, tie chains and other men's accessories. Choose from gold tie tacks, tie tacks with diamonds, black onyx and other gemstones or sleek sterling silver in over 100 traditional, modern, sports and novelty styles!

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How to Buy Tie Jewelry and Accessories

tie clipThere are lots of ways to wear a tie, and also many ways to secure it to your shirt ! To help you make the best choice, we've put together a comparison chart of the most popular ways to "tie down" a tie, showing the pros and cons of each, in our buyer's guide to selecting tie jewelry »

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Evolution of the Necktie


Step back through history, with this fascinating look at the history of tie, from ancient times 'til the present. day.
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Tie Trivia


Can you tell a windsor knot from a half-windsor? An ascot from a cravat? And why DID those ancient Romans wear ties? Test your knowledge with our tie trivia quiz »